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New guidelines for fan attendance at indoor high school sporting events, competitions

It's good news for parents who were worried they couldn't watch their children's games in-person.
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Crowds won't be packed like they usually are due to COVID-19. 

The Minnesota Department of Education has released updated guidelines for allowing spectators at all sporting events, concerts, plays, competitions, performances and other events that are held indoors at school buildings. 

Here's what you need to know: 

  • Each team is allowed 2 spectators per participant
  • Spectators from different households must be separated by 6 feet
  • Event spaces cannot exceed 25% of total capacity, not exceeding 250 spectators
  • If 12 feet cannot be maintained between athletes/participants and spectators, then the athletes/participants count towards the 25% capacity

The Department of Education is advising all schools to require advanced reservations and ticketing for indoor events, while not allowing walk-up attendance. Additionally, schools are advised to require staggered arrival times for people attending indoor events to limit the people gathering in tight spaces like doorways and concessions. 

"In some situations, small venues may only allow for an allocation of one spectator or less per participant, depending on the size of the venue," the Department of Education said.

"If the participants are young children who may need adult support to dress, use the restroom, or otherwise participate in a practice or rehearsal, each participant may have one support person attend. If a participant has a medical need for additional adult support then that support person is allowed at practices or rehearsals."

Previously, guidance from the Minnesota State High School League recommended against allowing spectators at indoor events, while limiting attendance at outdoor activities, including football, to 250 people, which meets the Minnesota Department of Health's guidance for the maximum size of large gatherings. 

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