New NFL rule is cause for controversy in Vikings-Jaguars game

Was it a textbook tackle or a 15-yard roughing penalty?
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The NFL's new rule that doesn't allow defensive players to drive offensive players to the ground with the full weight of their body behind them looks like it's going to be very controversial. 

Case and point, this sack by Vikings linebacker Antwione Williams on Saturday against the Jaguars was flagged for a 15-yard unnecessary roughness penalty. 

The play looks like a textbook tackle, but Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer watched it back and said that call fits within the NFL's new rule. 

"After I calmed down and looked at it, his head was to the side," said Zimmer. "If he'd just rolled. But he kinda pumped him into the turf. So, I think that was a good call."

Basically, the body weight rule is in place to keep players from driving opposing players into the turf.

Instead, players are supposed to roll to the side, thus eliminating injuries like the broken collarbone Aaron Rodgers suffered last season when Anthony Barr drove him into the turf at U.S. Bank Stadium. 

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