New Viking Michael Pierce learns about Juicy Lucy, hotdish

They're both rights of passage in Minnesota.
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Michael Pierce

With the news of Michael Pierce signing with the Vikings, fans have flocked to his Twitter account to learn more about the man they call "The Juggernaut."

Pierce gained 4,000 Twitter followers in the 24 hours since the news of his signing broke and as a response, he's gone to work learning about his new environment. One important aspect that he learned about Minnesota is the existence of two of the greatest foods ever made: the Juicy Lucy and hotdish.

As Pierce exclaimed his curiosity, his new fans did their best to fill him in. The Juicy Lucy, which has been perfected by establishments such as Matt's Bar, the 5-8 Club and The Nook, sparked even more bewilderment in the newest Viking.

Tator Tot Hotdish also piqued his curiosity as what could become his new favorite cheat meal.

While others tried to educate Pierce, others tried to string him along. However, the nose tackle was as quick to snuff it out as quickly as he does a stretch play to the outside.

All joking aside, Pierce figures to be a key cog in the Vikings defense. At 6-feet-tall, 340 pounds, Pierce is going to need those Juicy Lucy and hotdish carbs to re-energize after ripping off 725-pound squats, like he did at Samford University. 

To match his strength, Pierce also has the personality that should make him a fan-favorite in Minnesota. In an interview with FOX 9's Hobie Artigue, he labeled himself as an enforcer that can help others make plays.

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