New York Post calls Adam Thielen the 'little-known receiver who's destroying the NFL'

Breaking news: Adam Thielen is "actually" good at football.
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Adam Thielen

Somewhat hilariously, the rest of the world is still in the process of learning that Adam Thielen is good at football. 

Take this quote from Jets safety Jamal Adams: "He’s a hell of a player. It’s not that he just works hard and they want to get him the ball. The guy can actually play. He can play football."

Well, thank you, Mr. Adams. That's awfully nice of you to acknowledge in a slightly disbelieving tone that the NFL's leading receiver "can actually play." 

Thielen leads the NFL with 58 catches for 712 yards and 4 touchdowns. He's had at least 100 yards in all six games, an NFL record to start a season. 

We're entering the seventh week of the season and Thielen is still being talked about like someone who is just now bursting onto the scene. Let's not forget that Thielen made the Pro Bowl last season after finishing with 91 receptions for more than 1,200 yards and 4 touchdowns. 

The New York Post used this headline when talking about the Jets facing Thielen this week: "Jets’ big challenge: Little-known receiver who’s destroying NFL." 

It's hilarious to see the way Thielen is still considered "little-known" by major national media companies. 

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Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately for Thielen, Jets head coach Todd Bowles has all the respect in the world for Thielen. 

“He’s outstanding. He’s tough. You can see that he’s tough. He’s extremely smart. He’s seen every coverage that you can throw at him. Outstanding hands, you can tell he’s a competitor of the highest level," Bowles said Wednesday

"Whether you double him, triple him or single him or play zone, he finds a way to get open and get it done. It’s rare to find a No. 1 receiver — they have two of them actually [with Stefon Diggs] — that can get open when they know you’re doubling them and just doesn’t quit and gets open. He has that special gift."

The Vikings and Jets kick off at noon on Sunday, and there's a good chance it's another big day for Thielen and Diggs since the Jets might be without three of their starters in the secondary.  

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