Of all the famous moments Joe Buck has called, 1 stands out

Surprised he didn't go with an Aaron Rodgers moment?
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Joe Buck is a bonafide superstar in the sports play-by-play world, but ask a Vikings fan what they think of him and the response will probably lead back to the 2004 playoff game between the Vikings and Packers when Randy Moss fake mooned the fans. 

"That is a disgusting act by Randy Moss," Buck said

Ever since, he's been on the bad side of Minnesotans. It also doesn't help win over Minnesota sports fans when Buck is known to adore Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. 

Anyway, to the point: Buck's favorite memory during his long career as a sportscaster just so happens to be his call of the Minneapolis Miracle in the 2017-18 NFL playoffs, when Case Keenum found Stefon Diggs on the sideline for a game-winning 64-yard touchdown to beat the Saints as time expired. 

"Caught. Diggs. Sideline. Touchdown!" said Buck during the magical moment, with every word increasingly dramatic. 

No doubt, it was an incredible moment and tremendous call by Buck, who explained why it's his favorite call in an interview with the Washington Post

"And I think my last one was my most thrilling, which was [Minnesota Vikings wide receiver] Stefon Diggs’s walk-off touchdown against the Saints two years ago in the postseason. Everyone expected if he made that catch, he’d hop out of bounds, but instead he didn’t and he turned around and ran it in for the winning touchdown. We felt the stadium erupt and had one of those definitive moments in football. Usually that stuff happens in baseball."

Now if he can just get over Rodgers a little bit, Minnesotans would be more than willing to work on repairing the relationship. 

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