Older Vikings fan, young Packers fan get into weird fight at US Bank Stadium

It involved a noise complaint, a headlock, and a touchdown.
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Emotions run high when the Vikings and Packers meet, and that was certainly the case in the stands of U.S. Bank Stadium.

One particularly bizarre exchange happened between an older Vikings fan and a visiting Packers fan, with the latter apparently irritating his seat neighbor with his loud hollering.

The Vikings fan, right at the start of the video uploaded by Jack Seedorf on Twitter, threatens to "[expletive] tear you apart" if the Packers fan continued his hooting.

A short time later, the Packers fan responds with a holler, prompting the Vikings fan to grab him in a headlock, while another Packers fan threatens to call security.

The weird spectacle came to an end with a Vikings touchdown, which diverted the Vikings fan's attention somewhat.

Here's the video (warning – contains offensive language)

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