Packers fans are really angry at Mike McCarthy, and it's great

The Packers lost on Thursday Night Football, putting their playoff hopes in peril.
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Let's start off with a reminder that whatever the result between the Bears and the Vikings on Sunday, the Packers have already lost their game this week.

Despite Aaron Rodgers pulling off his usual "carrying the team" act against the Seahawks on "Thursday Night Football," Green Bay ultimately fell 27-24 in Seattle.

That puts the Packers at 4-5-1 for the season, behind the Bears (6-3) and the Vikings (5-3-1) in the NFC North ahead of this weekend's games.

And while the rest of the Packers' season is kinder – a trip to U.S. Bank Stadium aside – Green Bay's playoff prospects are looking increasingly bleak.

Green Bay fans aren't shy about pointing the finger at the man they believe is to blame for this season's struggles – head coach Mike McCarthy.

The Packers made a number of seemingly elementary errors on the night, such as not  challenging a 34-yard Tyler Lockett catch that looked to have hit the ground.

Then there was deciding against going for it on 4th and 2 with 4:20 remaining and just one timeout left, punting to the Seahawks instead, who were able to run the clock down and prevent the usual Rodgers heroics.

You can read more on McCarthy's botched coaching decisions in this SB Nation roundup.

There are increasingly loud calls for McCarthy to lose his job after this season, and Packers fans and pundits alike aren't quiet about revealing their discontent.

Sit back and enjoy.

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