Phil Mickelson arrives in Minnesota, realizes it's not exactly warm up north

It's a little cooler here than it is in southern California.
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Phil Mickelson is in Minnesota for an event at Hazeltine National Golf Club in Chaska, and as soon as he stepped outside he got a dose of what October in Minnesota can be like.

"Flew to Hazeltine this morning for a KPMG outing. Walked off the plane and realized I’m not in Southern California anymore," said Mickelson in a tweet, clearly referring to the drastic temperature difference that 40-degree weather in Minnesota offers to someone from SoCal. 

Mickelson is sponsored by KPMG and Hazeltine is hosting the 2019 KPMG Women's PGA Championship next June 18-23, although it's not clear if that's what Monday's KPMG event was about. 

Lefty is just lucky that he didn't come to Minnesota on Sunday, when Hazeltine was covered in snow. 

Hazeltine has been good to Mickelson in his Hall of Fame-worthy golf career.

As a regular member of U.S. Ryder Cup teams, he's always seemed to struggle in the international tournament. But when he was in Minnesota in 2016, he dominated with 10 birdies on the final day to help the U.S. clinch a 17-11 win over Europe. 

Hazeltine will again serve as the host of the Ryder Cup in 2028, which judging by last month's performance in Paris is probably the next time the U.S. will win it again...

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