Playoff scenarios for the Minnesota Lynx entering the final day of the regular season

Minnesota is bound for a single elimination first-round matchup.
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The Minnesota Lynx don't have to sweat anything out during their regular season finale Sunday against the Washington Mystics, but they do have to do some scoreboard watching to find out who their first-round playoff opponent will be. 

Entering the final day of the regular season, just a few things need to be settled in terms of seeding the eight playoff teams. 

Seattle has clinched the No. 1 overall seed, and Atlanta or Washington will be the 2-seed, with whoever doesn't get the two claiming the 3-seed. Connecticut can clinch the 4-seed with a win over Los Angeles, but if they lose and Phoenix beats New York, Phoenix would get the 4. 

Either way, the 4-seed will go to Connecticut or Phoenix. Los Angeles can't get the 4-seed based on tiebreakers, but they could get the 5-seed if they win Sunday or if Phoenix loses. 

The 6-seed will go to Los Angeles or Phoenix. 

The Lynx are locked in as the 7-seed, meaning they'll play the 6-seed in the first round. 

Remember, the top two seeds receive a bye all the way to the semifinals, and the 3 and 4 seeds get a bye to the second round. The first and second rounds are single elimination, while the semifinals and WNBA Finals are best-of-five. 

It's confusing as can be until all the games are played, but rest assured (we're pretty sure anyway) that Minnesota will play Los Angeles or Phoenix in the first round. 

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