Ranking MLB TV announcers by winning percentage of games they've called

Dick Bremer has called his fair share of losses for the Twins.
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Twins television play-by-play announcer Dick Bremer has called his fair share of exciting, meaningful baseball games, but he's also been in the broadcast booth for what probably feels like an unfair share of losing seasons. 

Bremer has been parts of the Twins' broadcast team since 1983, becoming the primary TV announcer in 1994. In his 25 years as the main TV guy, Bremer has witnessed the Twins put together a combined record of 1,877 wins and 2,031 losses.

The 1,877 wins are more than any other current primary TV broadcaster has seen, and the 2,031 losses are second only to Greg Brown of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Brown also took over full-time play-by-play duties in 1994 and has since watched the Pirates lose 2,133 games. That said, Brown currently splits play-by-play duties, so technically Bremer probably has him beat. 

Here's how all 30 MLB TV announcers stack up, according to their team's winning percentage since they took over primary play-by-play duties. 

  1. Todd Kalas, Astros – 162 wins, 93 losses (.635)
  2. Dave O'Brien, Red Sox – 249 wins, 167 losses (.599)
  3. Joe Davis, Dodgers – 244 wins, 170 losses (.589)
  4. Michael Kay, Yankees – 1,560 wins, 1,120 losses (.582)
  5. Dan McLaughlin, Cardinals – 1,679 wins, 1,325 losses (.559)
  6. Glen Kuiper, Athletics – 1,115 wins, 950 losses (.540)
  7. Chip Caray, Braves – 706 wins, 607 losses (.538)
  8. Len Kasper, Cubs – 1,188 wins, 1,092 losses (.521)
  9. Duane Kuiper, Giants – 2,029 wins, 1,885 losses (.518)
  10. Victor Rojas, Angels – 716 wins, 671 losses (.516)
  11. Matt Underwood, Indians – 962 wins, 907 losses (.515)
  12. Brian Anderson, Brewers – 946 wins, 927 losses (.505)
  13. Bob Carpenter, Nationals – 1,011 wins, 991 losses (.505)
  14. Buck Martinez, Blue Jays – 695 wins, 690 losses (.502)
  15. Ken Harrelson, White Sox – 1,496 wins, 1,511 losses (.498)
  16. Gary Cohen, Mets – 1,093 wins, 1,101 losses (.498)
  17. Tom McCarthey, Phillies – 676 wins, 709 losses (.488)
  18. Steve Berthiaume, Diamondbacks – 517 wins, 546 losses (.486)
  19. Thom Brennamen, Reds – 673 wins, 714 losses (.485)
  20. Mario Impemba, Tigers – 1,295 wins, 1,388 losses (.483)
  21. Dick Bremer, Twins – 1,877 wins and 2,031 losses (.480)
  22. Dave Sims, Mariners – 892 wins, 981 losses (.476)
  23. Ryan Lefebvre, Royals – 806 wins, 904 losses (.471)
  24. Gary Thorne, Orioles – 880 wins, 992 losses (.470)
  25. Drew Goodman, Rockies – 1,250 wins, 1,433 losses (.466
  26. Dewayne Staats, Rays – 1,546 wins, 1,782 losses (.465)
  27. Dave Raymond, Rangers – 118 wins, 136 losses (.465)
  28. Greg Brown, Pirates – 1,774 wins, 2,133 losses (.454)
  29. Dan Orsillo, Padres – 110 wins, 154 losses (.417)
  30. Paul Severino, Marlins – 38 wins, 53 losses (.409)

If you take away the Twins' winning years from 2002-2010, their combined record from 1994-2001 and 2011-2018 is 1,074-1,375, a winning percentage of just .426. 

Bremer's longevity in the business is impressive, and so is his patience. 

Between 1983-1993, Bremer provided Twins play-by-play for Spectrum Sports and TwinsVision. 

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