Report: The Twins may be 'mystery team' in on Harper, Machado

Buster Olney pegs Minnesota as a "mystery team" to land Harper or Machado.
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So you think the Twins don't have a shot in hell in signing Bryce Harper or Manny Machado, eh?

Well, in your best Lloyd Christmas impersonation, they're saying there's a chance... 

According to ESPN insider Buster Olney, in a piece published on, the Twins are pegged as a mystery team that could land either prized free agent.

Olney points out the Twins' lack of free agent spending this winter gives them the flexibility to pull it off.

Although Joe Mauer's contract came off the books – $23 million – the Twins have yet to spend close to the amount they spent last season.

Currently, Minnesota has roughly $90 million committed to their roster, according to Spotrac, which is significantly lower than the nearly $130 million they spent on the 2018 team.

The longer Harper and Machado hold out, the more likely it is the two might end up signing for less money and maybe a shorter contract.

Minnesota pulled off late-offseason signings a year ago, with Lance Lynn and Logan Morrison, bothof whom floundered before being traded (Lynn) and getting injured (Morrison). 

But both Harper and Machado are generational talents and are far and away more impactful players than Lynn or Morrison.

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USA Today speculated in December why the Twins are better off signing Harper rather than going after middling free agents.

Olney also mentioned the Astros and Giants as potential suitors; the Yankees and Padres as contenders and the Rangers and Cubs along with the Twins as the mystery teams that could land either free agent.

That's seven teams that Olney mentioned alongside Harper's name. 

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