Report: Wolves think Ben Simmons put Karl-Anthony Towns in a 'dangerous chokehold'

Simmons was deemed a "peacemaker" by NBA officials.
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The NBA has suspended Karl-Anthony Towns and Joel Embiid two games each for their fight during Wednesday's game between the Wolves and 76ers. Ben Simmons, whom officials say was a "peacemaker" during the altercation, has not been fined nor suspended. 

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Bad blood continues to boil over after Karl-Anthony Towns and Joel Embiid got into a physical altercation during Wednesday's game in Philadelphia. 

During the melee, Towns was chest-down on the basketball court with Ben Simmons restraining him. Referees ruled the Simmons was playing the role of a "peacemaker" during the scrum, but the Wolves have let league officials know that they think Simmons placed Towns in a "dangerous chokehold," according to ESPN

The NBA is investigating the fight, which spread to social media barbs being thrown at each other late Wednesday night into early Thursday morning. 

Embiid used NSFW terms to taunt Towns on Instagram and Twitter, which you can see in full detail here

It's unclear if Towns and/or Embiid will be suspended for the fight. Commissioner Adam Silver has the power to suspend an player involved in a fight, in addition to fining them no more than $50,000. 

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