Reports: Adrian Peterson in debt, 'taken advantage of by those he trusted'

Peterson has earned more than $100 million during his career.
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Adrian Peterson is reportedly in debt, a shocking revelation for a future Hall of Fame running back who has made more than $100 million during his career. 

Peterson, who last played for the Vikings in 2016, is the focus of a report from The Athletic (paywall) that claims he's being sued in Pennsylvania because he didn't pay back a $5.2 million loan, in addition to two other legal matters where he's been ordered to pay creditors a combined $3 million. 

The $3 million owed to creditors includes $600,000 left on a $2.4 million loan from a Minnesota bank, the report says. 

In a statement to Pro Football Talk, Peterson's attorney said "the truth behind Adrian Peterson’s current financial situation is more than is being reported at this time,” while adding it's "yet another situation of an athlete trusting the wrong people and being taken advantage of by those he trusted."

Peterson is entering his second season with the Washington Redskins and is due to make $1 million in salary after receiving a $1.5 million signing bonus earlier this year. 

According to OverTheCap, Peterson's career earnings (not including endorsement money) total $100,221,471. 

About five years ago, ESPN's documentary series profiled athletes who go broke despite making millions. The film highlighted a 2009 Sports Illustrated article that claimed 78 percent of former NFL players had gone bankrupt or were under financial stress because of bad investments, freeloaders and ongoing medical problems.

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