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Rodney Harrison says what we were all thinking

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Thank you Rodney Harrison, we didn't really want to say it.

The NBC Sports analyst and former Patriots' safety questioned the legitimacy of Josh Freeman's concussion today, saying on NBC Sports Radio "I can't say that I believe that he has a concussion."

Harrison also said "if he has one (an injury), it just seems like a convenient excuse to get out of a situation."

Freeman said repeatedly when he signed with Minnesota that one of the main reasons was the organization and its people, saying he had heard nothing but good things around the league about the Vikings.

Is that code for "the people in the organization will cover for you by making up an injury if you don't play well"?We're not sure, because we've never played in the NFL.

But Harrison has.

"I played safety at a high level for a long time and I was bangin' and I never missed a game because of a concussion, so it just seems like an excuse to me."

Not saying, just saying.

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