Ron Gardenhire's phone rings during press conference with Twins, ringtone blasts Kelly Clarkson's 'Stronger'

We never would've guessed he is into her music.
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Ron Gardenhire

Leave it to Ron Gardenhire to make some noise during his first game back at Target Field as manager of the Detroit Tigers. 

During a meeting with media members before Monday's Twins-Tigers game, Gardenhire was interrupted by a phone call from Tigers general manager Al Avila. But who was on the line is less interesting than the ringtone the blared throughout the clubhouse: Kelly Clarkson's "Stronger." 

Declan Goff was there and recorded the hilarity

Naturally, Gardenhire played it off like it was nothing, evening answering the call and telling Avila that he was in the middle of a press conference. 

Sadly, we didn't get the story about why his ringtone is a Kelly Clarkson song. 

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Gardenhire is in his first season managing the Tigers. He was fired by the Twins in 2014 after managing them to six division titles in 13 seasons (2002-2014). 

"It's always going to be in your history and in your blood," Gardenhire said of returning to the state he still calls home. "I love this place. This organization showed me as much respect as you could get as a coach, player and manager. So you know what, I've always loved this place and it'll never go away. But now I have a job to do with my Tigers boys and it's to whip their butts."

The Twins won Monday's game 4-2. 

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