Saints fans sue the NFL over blown call against the Rams

So ... what's the statute of limitations on blown calls?
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Saints nation is melting down over that blown NFC Championship call, and we are very much here for it.

The latest lunacy from Louisiana? The Advocate reports at least two lawsuits have been filed on behalf of Saints season-ticket holders against the NFL over Sunday's pass interference non-call that ultimately cost them the game against the Rams.

One of the lawsuits in particular makes Saints nation look dumb as heck, with the suit saying Sunday's call caused fans "mental anguish & emotional trauma, loss of faith in the NFL, and loss of enjoyment of life."

Just give us a second to react to that, Banderas style.

The lawsuits are destined to fail in the courts, but it doesn't mean we're going to miss an opportunity to pile-on as part of the wider "Vikings fan lol at Saints" tour.

In our minds, the main question that this lawsuit begs is, what's the statute of limitations on bad calls?

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You see where we're going with this? What with the whole "Bounty-gate" episode of the 2009 Championship game between the Saints and Vikings, the multiple assaults on Brett Favre that went unpunished, and the ridiculous pass interference call given against Ben Leber.

We dare say Vikings fans would've had a better case in the courts than the Saints.

Equally delicious is the Saints fan/car dealer who has taken out multiple billboards around Atlanta – where Super Bowl 53 is being held – calling out the NFL for the non-call.

We reported yesterday how Saints fans have been getting really riled up by Vikings fans reacting to Sunday's game, so add this article to the compendium of Vikings fans laughing at the Saints.

Saints head coach Sean Payton told reporters after Sunday's game that "we'll probably never get over it."

Saints fans, take it from the Vikings, neither will you.

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