Since the Saints are in town, let's relive the Minneapolis Miracle

The Saints will be haunted by this memory.
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The New Orleans Saints are back in the Twin Cities for the first time since THAT game.

It's been nine months since what we now know as The Minneapolis Miracle rocked the football world, as Stefon Diggs touchdown on the last play of the game sent the Vikings to the NFC Championship game (we don't remember what happened next).

So seeing as the Vikings and Saints go toe-to-toe once again at U.S. Bank Stadium on Sunday, we felt it necessary to relive the moment that sent Vikings fans everywhere wild.

Here are the best videos of that moment, starting with the FOX NFL broadcast with Joe Buck and Troy Aikman.

Now here's the same video but with KFAN's voice of the Vikings, Paul Allen.

And here's the incredible sideline view that best highlights the reaction inside the stadium.

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