Sitting at home, Saints' Michael Thomas appears to mock Vikings

At least the Vikings can say they made it further than Thomas' Saints.
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Michael Thomas Saints

As bad as the Vikings' gameplan against the 49ers was Saturday, it still appears to have been better planned than a tweet by New Orleans Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas. 

Thomas, who set an NFL record with 149 receptions this season, was apparently watching the 49ers steamroll the Vikings and figured it a good idea to tweet laughing emojis followed by: "that's what y'all get."

Sure, it's possible that Thomas was watching "The Irishman" on Netflix and he was tweeting about Jimmy Hoffa's situation with the mob, but we're going to go out on a limb and assume Thomas was mocking the Vikings. 

Perhaps Thomas hasn't noticed, but the Vikings advanced deeper in the postseason than New Orleans because, you know, the Vikings knocked the Saints out of the playoffs. 

Thomas, who had seven catches for 70 yards in the loss to the Vikings, was part of the first team in NFL history to win 13 games and fail to make it beyond wild-card weekend. He's also part of the team that lost to the Vikings in the "Minneapolis Miracle" two years ago, and the Saints team that lost in dramatic fashion to the Rams in last year's NFC title game. 

In other words, his tweet isn't helping the bad karma the Saints already seem to have (probably from Bountygate). 

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