Skip Bayless brutally exposed after laying into LeBron for being tired

This is an all-timer for Skip Bayless.
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Skip Bayless mastered the art of incorrectness long ago, and on Sunday night he again showed the world how wrong he usually is. 

"Think about this," Bayless began his tweet while watching Game 2 of the NBA Finals. "Chauncey Billups just said on ABC that LeBron 'looked a little tired.'"

At that point in the tweet, everyone on planet earth knew Bayless was about to unfairly compare LeBron's night to something Michael Jordan did 20+ years ago. 

"IT'S ONLY GAME 2 OF THE NBA FINALS," Bayless scream-typed. "I covered Michael Jordan when he was year older than LeBron is now. NOBODY EVER EVEN THOUGHT ABOUT MJ BEING TIRED. That would've been blasphemous."

Then, by the grace of the internet gods, someone far more intelligent, with a much better memory, exposed Bayless by posting a screen shot of a 1998 column in the Chicago Tribune that accused Jordan of being tired during an NBA Finals game. 

The writer of that column? Skip Bayless.

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Even funnier is that the June 13, 1998 column began with Bayless saying "this will be remembered as the night Michael was mortal." 

Jordan, by the way, is 28th all time with 41,011 career minutes in the regular season. LeBron is already at 44,298 minutes, good for 18th all time. 

Throw in playoff minutes and LeBron has another 2,500 more than Jordan. In fact, LeBron's 9,961 career playoff minutes is the most in NBA history.  

So, getting tired is justifiable on a number of levels for LeBron, just as it was for Jordan.  

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