Stefon Diggs, being serious, says 'something's going to happen'

As usual, no one knows what exactly he's talking about.
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Stefon Diggs

Stefon Diggs is at it again on social media, tweeting Monday that "it's time for a new beginning." 

Typically, that type of tweet from Diggs is brushed aside. But this time, Diggs is doubling down, telling one of his followers that he's serious. 

“Every time Stefon Diggs gets butt hurt he posts some ominous tweet about new beginnings or change,” said a follower. “Then we get report ‘Minnesota has no intention of trading Diggs’ and he posts himself in Vikings uniform hugging a teammate or something. Relax Pats fans, he’s just a drama queen.”

Diggs' response: “Nah this ain’t one of them times champ. Something’s going to happen.”

Per usual, there is zero indication that Diggs is talking about being traded by the Vikings. 

He could be talking about anything, perhaps the new NFL collective bargaining agreement that was finalized over the weekend? Maybe the new league year starting Wednesday? Maybe Diggs has some inside info on how the NFL will eventually respond to the coronavirus outbreak?

In February, NFL Media's Tom Pelissero tried to calm the masses after Diggs removed all Vikings-related material from his Instagram account. 

"The Vikings are certainly not releasing Stefon Diggs. I would expect that they would get some calls about potential trades as teams tend to this time of year. But even there, the odds of something happening are pretty long," said Pelissero. 

We'll see what happens next. 

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