Stefon Diggs says he didn't force his way from Vikings

Diggs was traded from Minnesota after a series of tweets.
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Former Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Stefon Diggs claimed that the March trade that sent him to the Buffalo Bills was not a product of him "forcing" his way out of Minnesota.

Speaking to the Buffalo media for the first time since the trade, Diggs was asked about his time in Minnesota and how he vocally showed his displeasure with how the offense was being run. Diggs' response expressed excitement about playing with the Bills but denied that he forced his way out.

"As far as my past with Minnesota, I never actually said anything," Diggs said. "I have a lot of respect for the Minnesota Vikings. At that time, a trade happened -- you've kind of got to look at it for what it is. But I never really was vocal about what I did or didn't like (in Minnesota)."

Anyone who follows Diggs on Twitter has to be scratching their heads on that comment as he spent a majority of the past year sending cryptic tweets to stir the pot. 

According to Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated, it was a tweet last March that actually implored to teams to inquire about Diggs' availability hours before he was sent to Buffalo.

Among the incidents that Diggs has had over the past year include skipping offseason team activities, skipping a practice after a Week 4 loss in Chicago, and slamming his helmet on the sideline in frustration late in the Vikings playoff victory over the New Orleans Saints.

Despite the drama that may (or in Diggs' mind, may not) have happened, both sides seem to be happy with how things turned out. Diggs, who ran 31.9% of his routes 20 yards or more last season, is excited to get to work with quarterback Josh Allen, who ranked 29th in the NFL in quarterback rating on deep passes.

Meanwhile, the Vikings used the picks to acquire Justin Jefferson and rebuild their defense in last April's NFL Draft.

It's unknown how the Diggs trade will play it out in the long run, but chances are, it will at least be interesting.

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