Taj Gibson denies 'liking' Instagram comment calling for the Wolves to fire Tom Thibodeau

Gibson and Thibodeau have apparently hashed it out.
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It's been a difficult handful of days for Wolves power forward Taj Gibson. 

He missed Minnesota's loss at Phoenix on Saturday to attend his aunt's funeral, and now that he's back with the Wolves he's had to address reports that he "liked" an Instagram comment that called for head coach Tom Thibodeau to be fired. 

The likes were from Gibson's verified account, as shown in a tweet from an NBA reporter in New York. 

Gibson's account clearly liked a tweet that criticized how much playing time Jeff Teague received compared to him, which is really pointless because they play different positions. 

The second comment Gibson's account liked said: "This is embarrassing. If they don't find a way to pull this out thibs should be fired right after the game." 

“It’s just crazy,” Gibson said when asked about it on Monday, via the Pioneer Press. “I’m not really a social media kind of guy. I love my teammates. I love my coach. So those things don’t show for me at all. For people to believe that, it was just really disappointing.”

Gibson said he got a call from Thibodeau about it and they cleared the air, with Thibs telling reporters on Monday that he believes Gibson. 

"I believe Taj. I’ve known him a long time. It’s unfortunate," Thibodeau said, via the Star Tribune.

Whatever the case, the drama appears to have been washed away thanks to a 132-105 victory over the Sacramento Kings on Monday night. 

Gibson finished with 12 points and 10 rebounds in 22 minutes, and had the highlight of the night when he tried to block a shot with his shoe

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