Target pulls Washington merchandise as pressure mounts for name change

The team is considering a name change under pressure from sponsors.
Trent Williams

Target has removed all merchandise for the Washington football team from its online store on Monday as the team considers a name change from the controversial nickname.

Washington owner Daniel Snyder announced on Friday that the team was considering making the move after FedEx, who owns the naming rights to the team's stadium for $205 million, asked the team to make a change. Shortly after, Nike and Walmart pulled Washington's merchandise from its online stores with Target joining a couple of days later.

The team's investors have also received similar letters from Pepsi and Nike, which has put pressure on the team to make a change that has seemed to be decades in the making for its negative impression of Native Americans.

In the initial stages, Snyder has worked with Washington head coach Ron Rivera to help determine a new name that could be implemented as soon as this upcoming season. Names that are being considered according to CNN, include Redtails, Warriors, and, Presidents which currently have the best odds according to

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