The iconic Maya Moore billboard is back ... in White Bear Lake

It's being resurrected by realtor Kris Lindahl.
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The Maya Moore "Wings" billboard that attracted viral attention earlier this year is returning to the Twin Cities.

The giant poster showing the Minnesota Lynx star recreating the famous Michael Jordan "wings" pose made national headlines when it was erected near Target Center in downtown Minneapolis ahead of the new WNBA season in May.

Now it's being brought back by well-known real estate agent Kris Lindahl, who describes himself as a "Minnesota super fan."

Lindahl, who uses billboards liberally in advertising his real estate business, donated some of his billboard space to bring the poster back.

You can now see it on I-35E south, just north of County Road 96 in White Bear Lake, close to Polar Lakes Park.

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In a press release, Lindahl said that he received a number of tweets asking him to find some space for the poster, which was displayed for just a day in downtown Minneapolis.

"They knew I had billboards across the metro and thought I could help bring Maya back! I started working that day to make this happen.

"This is a joint effort with the Lynx and Jordan Brand. As a Minnesota sports fan, I am honored to be able to help feature one of our city’s best athletes."

During its brief stay downtown, the poster inspired this viral photo posted by Justice Sikakne, whose 4-year-old daughter Liliana mimicked her Lynx hero.

This struck a chord with Lindahl, who said: "Looking at all those photos of girls standing in front of Maya with their arms outstretched, that represents the best of sports. I have a daughter so I understand how Maya is inspiring generations of young athletes."

It's not the first billboard stunt Lindahl has pulled off. In January, he paid for a purple and gold billboard to be erected in Philadelphia near the Eagles stadium before the NFC Championship Game against the Vikings.

“If you know me, you know that I am a huge Minnesota sports fan. This is not the first time I have done something like this. Earlier this year, I put up a purple and gold billboard in Philadelphia near the stadium before the Vikings playoff game with the Eagles.”

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