Timberwolves' ill-advised tweets rile up fans after failure to land Russell

Not the smartest thing to do to a disappointed fanbase.
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Timberwolves fans are smarting their team's failure to land point guard D'Angelo Russell, and the last thing they need is someone rubbing their noses in it.

It's even worse when the source of the mockery comes from the team they support, as seemingly happened on Twitter on Monday courtesy of the Timberwolves' official account.

First up, the Timberwolves posted a "Canada Day" tribute to Canadian Andrew Wiggins, whose contract the Wolves were reportedly looking to offload to make the cap space required to land Russell, who is instead joining the Warriors after they struck a late-night deal.

Now, it IS Canada Day today so it could be that this was a genuine tribute, or maybe even one that was pre-scheduled, but it was poor timing nonetheless.

Things got worse a few hours later though when the Wolves decided to shift from bad timing to outright trolling when it decided that this was a good way to announce the 2019 Summer League roster.

Now there are certain occasions where sports teams can strike gold with some gentle mocking of fanbase stereotypes.

But it's likely to be more successful when you're not a team that has only made one playoff appearance in 15 years and hasn't just missed out on their top free agent target in a doubly soul-crushing manner (given that it allows the Warriors to continue their efforts to ruin the NBA.)

If the first tweet wasn't enough to set the fanbase ablaze, the second certainly did. 

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