Timberwolves star Jimmy Butler goes hiking in Canada, is clearly afraid of heights

Butler seems to like the hike up the mountain, but going down ...
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Living in Minnesota has turned Jimmy Butler into an avid outdoorsman, although he's going to need some more practice to really fit in. 

After falling out of a canoe last year after being traded to the Wolves, Butler has now taken up hiking, traveling to Vancouver, Canada for a trip up Chief Mountain.

It looks like Jimmy Buckets enjoyed his way up the mountain, but not so much the trip down. 

A hiker that just happened to run into Butler along the way posted video of him hanging onto a tree, singing a song about his friends leaving him alone. 

The person that bumped into him, only known as @escmgncn, captioned a video she shared by saying she swears on her life that "Jimmy was afraid of heights and was too scared to go back down the mountain."  

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If they were in fact hiking Chief Mountain, they were likely on the Stawamus Chief Hike, which goes up about 600 meters and takes about six hours to finish (if you go all the way). 

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