To play better, Kirk Cousins is channeling his inner 'You like that!'

Cousins says it helps him play with an edge.
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Angry Kirk Cousins is better at football than Polite Kirk Cousins. 

Polite Kirk Cousins got rocked by the Bears and threw up a stinker in Green Bay – both Vikings losses – but Angry Kirk Cousins lit up the Giants to the tune of 22 of 27 passing for 306 yards and two touchdowns. 

That kind of game is what we can now refer to as the "You like that!" performance. 

At the very end of his weekly podcast Tuesday night, Cousins got a message from a fan in Winnipeg who encouraged him to "be that 'You like that!' guy," making a reference to Cousins yelling "You like that!" at TV cameras after leading the Redskins to a win following a tumultuous week in 2015.  

"There's no doubt I play better when I have an edge to me, when that guy who yelled 'You like that!' comes out," said Cousins Tuesday night. "Believe me, the last week has brought that guy out a little bit in me. There's some fire there and some edge ... and that's when I play better. I'm going to try to channel that every week going forward and have a little edge to me. This game requires that to play at a high level." 

At the same time, Cousins says he's trying to "keep my head down" and "ignore the noise." 

"I got enough going on my plate to worry about all the other junk that's out there," said Cousins, who noted that he's putting in 12-hour work days and then going home to give his son a bath and put him to bed. 

If the "You like that!" version of Cousins throws for 300 yards and multiple touchdowns every week, then the Vikings will have one less thing to worry about going forward. 

You can listen to this week's episode of "Under Center with Kirk Cousins" right here. 

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