Tony Kornheiser calls Vikings fans the 'most rabid, self-delusional' of any team in America

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Generally speaking, anything interesting happening in Minnesota sports often goes undiscussed by Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon on ESPN's "Pardon The Interruption." 

But Kornheiser also hosts his own podcast, where he's known to go on wild tangents about anything and everything, and on his Aug. 27 podcast he passionately broke down why he believes Vikings fans are the most "self-delusional" fans of any professional sports team in America. 

"I will say this, and I've said this to other people. There are 122 teams in the four major sports in America," Kornheiser began, "Minnesota Vikings fans are the most passionate, the most rabid, the most self-delusional, the most totally-consumed with their team of any of these teams. I know this. I know Vikings fans." 

"It's not the Twins, it's not the hockey. It's the Vikings," Kornheiser added. 

The rant spawned after Kornheiser started talking about how good of a golfer New York Times writer Thomas Friedman is. Friedman is a native of St. Louis Park, Minnesota, and apparently loves to talk to Kornheiser about the Vikings.

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Then, after one of many people in the studio mentioned that Kirk Cousins plays for the Vikings, Kornheiser did what he does best and offered up another huge opinion. 

"This is the most inordinate amount of pressure on athlete in the world, including LeBron James," he said of the pressure Cousins is under to impress rabid Vikings fans. "They live and die with the Vikings." 

Listen for yourself right here, just make sure you click on the Aug. 27 show. The conversation about Friedman begins right around the 54:50 mark. 

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