Twins confuse everyone with bizarre furry logo

The fan reactions are funny.
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Nobody – and we mean nobody – knows what the Twins are trying to convey with a tweet they sent out Tuesday morning. 

As you can see below, the video tweet shows a TC logo covered in thick hair that poofs out like it encountered static electricity. 

No description is provided other than a bear face emoji, leading some to assume that the hairy logo is inspired by Twins mascot TC Bear. It's a hair-raising tweet to be sure, but it's making followers uneasy, including the Detroit Tigers. 

"This is fascinating to look at but it makes us uncomfortable," the Tigers said in a response, to which the Twins responded: "Thanks?"

Among the other responses: 

– "This is absolutely horrifying, please remove it." 

– "Can’t lie, this is gross."

– "Time to get that seasonal bikini wax, Twins."

– "This kind of freaks me out."

– "Yuck!"

Whatever it is, it's garnered some hilarious reaction. 

Meanwhile, the Twins are 13-7 and leading the AL Central, so they can do just about anything they want. 

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