Rooting for the Twins to lose? It could net a top 5 pick in next year's MLB Draft

Landing another top five pick could be a big long-term boost.
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Paul Molitor

You're not a bad person if you want the Twins to lose as much as possible over the final 55 games in order to secure a better pick in next year's MLB Draft. 

I'm not suggesting the Twins do what NBA teams do and tank to improve their draft odds, but I do think a horrible record over the final 55 games is best for the big picture. And let's be honest, the Twins just traded away five key players so they probably will fall apart down the stretch. 

Can they lose enough to secure a top five pick?

Only four games separate them from the Rangers, Marlins and Mets, who are jockeying for the fifth overall pick. If the season ended today, the Twins would pick 11th. 

Here's the current MLB standings in reverse (worst to 11th worst). 

  1. Orioles 33-75
  2. Royals 34-73
  3. White Sox 37-70
  4. Padres 42-68
  5. Rangers 46-63
  6. Marlins 46-63
  7. Mets 44-61
  8. Tigers 47-62
  9. Reds 48-60
  10. Blue Jays 48-59
  11. Twins 49-58

The top four picks are probably out of reaching considering the Orioles, Royals, White Sox and Padres are so much worse than every other team. San Diego is slotted fourth and they're 10 losses ahead of Minnesota. 

Minnesota's farm system is already loaded with up-and-coming talent, including past top five picks, shortstop Royce Lewis and second baseman Nick Gordon. Adding another elite prospect will only benefit them in the long run. 

The only benefit to finishing strong this season is that it would show fans that the players left on the roster have some moxie and fight to them, but they can do that and still lose. 

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