Twins minor league team gets new nickname, logo: 'Think Disney, but edgy'

Goodbye, Fort Myers Miracle.
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Fort Myers Mighty Mussels

Change can be good. Repeat: Change can be good. 

Whether this change is good or bad is for you to decide, but the Fort Myers Miracle are now the Fort Myers Mighty Mussels. 

Named the Miracle since debuting in Miami in 1989, the baseball team has served as the Minnesota Twins' Class A Advanced minor-league affiliate in Florida since 1992.

What's a Mighty Mussel? Well, mussels are edible and they have a shell similar to a clam or scallop, apparently. We're not marine biologists, but we know for certain that zebra mussels are not welcome in Minnesota waterways as they're considered an invasive species. 

That aside, why change the name?

According to, the team was sold to a new owner earlier this year, and with the ownership change came a desire to switch the name to something that is "regionally specific while also reflecting a healthy, active lifestyle."

Mussels, often found on coastal shorelines, are also, apparently, muscular. So, yeah. 

"When you walk along the beach and spot a mussel shell, looking at its colors as the light reflects off the black shell, there's purple, light blue and orange," said new owner guy in a statement. "Well, those would be cool colors from a character development standpoint. Think Disney, but edgy."

The logo is "the titular brawny bivalves in a variety of athletic poses," the release says. 

A bivalve is the family of species mussels are from, but Wikipedia says bivalves don't have a head so the Mighty Mussels logo must just be a headless thingy that still has eyes and a mouth. 

We really don't know, but cheers to a new era of Twins minor league baseball! 

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