Video: Minnesota high school coach disrupts opponent's pregame introductions

The coach walks right through the players as they run onto the field.
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A high school football coach is the center of negative attention after a fan caught the coach on video as he disrupted players running onto the field during pregame introductions. 

The incident happened before a game Friday, Oct. 12 between Mora and Aitkin high schools. As Aitkin players run onto the field, the coach, who the fan claims is from Mora's staff, can be seen casually walking through the line of players as they take to the field.

The players were able to dodge the coach and avoid a collision. The video posted to Facebook by Laurie Hanson has more than 100,000 views and has been shared over 1,200 times. 

"The first thing I'll tell you is is that behavior in and of itself is totally unacceptable, and it will be dealt with," Mora Superindendant Craig Schultz told Bring Me The News.

"We do apologize, we don't excuse that type of behavior. Period."

The coach in the video is an assistant coach, not head coach Troy Erickson.

But Schultz said the video was "taken in isolation and it doesn't show the whole story." 

Citing information received from fans and coaches, Schultz said some of the Aitkin players left the field of play and weaved through Mora's players and coaches, who were standing on the sideline awaiting the national anthem.

Schultz also received reports of fans "harassing and heckling" Mora players and fans, in addition to "throwing garbage at our players on the sidelines."

Jason Cline, the athletics director at Aitkin High School, emailed Bring Me The News and said: "We try to promote good sportsmanship in all that we do. We are currently working with the Mora Admin team to ensure this gets resolved!"

Mora won the game 64-36 and is now 8-0 after defeating Esko on Wednesday night. They're one of the top-ranked teams in Class AAA. Aitkin is 5-3 entering next week's opening round of the playoffs. 

Bring Me The News has also reached out to Aitkin High School for comment and will update the story if they respond. 

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