Vikings' 2019 schedule includes 7 games against teams in this season's playoffs

And the road games are against teams who've mostly dominated at home.
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A lot will change between now and the 2019 NFL season, but the 16 games the Vikings will play next season will feature a handful of expected top teams. 

Dates for each game won't be solidified until the offseason, but Minnesota knows the teams it'll face during the 2019 season, and it includes seven games against teams that are in the playoffs this season. 

Home opponents

  • Bears
  • Lions
  • Packers
  • Eagles
  • Redskins
  • Raiders
  • Broncos
  • Falcons

Away opponents:

  • Bears
  • Lions
  • Packers
  • Giants
  • Cowboys
  • Seahawks
  • Chargers 
  • Chiefs

The seven games against teams in this season's playoffs (Bears twice, Eagles, Cowboys, Seahawks, Chargers, Chiefs) dwarfs the five games Minnesota played this season against playoff teams from a year ago. 

The Vikings went 1-4 in those games, losing to the Bills, Rams, Saints and Patriots. 

Looking closer, the 2019 road schedule is going to be extremely difficult. Look at how good each away opponent has been at home this season: 

  • Chiefs 7-1
  • Chargers 5-3
  • Cowboys 7-1
  • Giants 2-6
  • Seahawks 6-2
  • Bears 7-1
  • Packers 5-2-1
  • Lions 3-5

That's a combined 42 wins, 21 losses and one tie. 

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