Vikings being laughed at for 'BRING IT ALL' trademark application filed days before being eliminated

They were planning ahead but those plans were ruined.
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Kirk Cousins, Vikings

It's probably pretty common for NFL teams to file trademarks on slogans they plan to use, but in the world of professional football, timing is everything. 

According to Josh Gerben, a trademark specialist and founder of Gerben Law Firm, the Vikings filed a trademark application for "BRING IT ALL." 

The funniest part about the application is that it was filed on Dec. 28, just days before their Dec. 30 loss to the Bears that washed their season down the drain and paved the way for the Eagles to make the playoffs instead.

Had the Vikes made the playoffs they could've made good on the trademark by plastering "BRING IT ALL" on everything from shirts and pants to hats, towels, flags, banners and even suspenders, according to the application. 

As one astute fan wrote on Twitter: Bring it all "...because anything you leave in your locker after Tuesday is trash.”

The "BRING IT ALL" angle appears to be a spinoff of last season's "Bring it Home" campaign, which was awesome considering the Vikings had a legit shot at playing in the Super Bowl in their home stadium. It didn't work out, the campaign was cool. 

This isn't the first trademark application filed by the Vikings. Back in September, quarterback Kirk Cousins filed legal documents in an attempt to trademark "You Vike that," which was a play on his "you like that" comment that went viral during his time with the Washington Redskins. 

Meanwhile, this probably isn't what Cousins thought he'd be doing to start 2019. 

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