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Vikings fans are 'really (expletive)' making Saints fans mad

We extracted 10 of the meanest comments from an angry Reddit thread.
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Vikings fans aren't shy about admitting hatred for the New Orleans Saints. 

It's a decade-old grudge going back to the 2009-10 BountyGate scandal in the NFC Championship Game, and many Purple and Gold supporters were filled with joy when the Saints lost to the Rams on a bad call in Sunday's NFC title game.

Minnesotans might never get over it, much like fans might never find football happiness after being gutted by Gary Anderson and the Vikings in 1998. It's just the way it is, plain and simple. 

But the fans taking joy in the Saints' misery is starting to bother a lot of fans in the Bayou, as evidenced by numerous vicious comments in a sub-Reddit titled "I'm really growing to despise vikings fans." 

Note: Prepare yourself for poor spelling, grammar and a lot of naughty words. 

Hating Saints fan #1

"I used to not give a s--- about them, but they way theyve acted the past 2 years is really f------ pissing me off. I honestly think I hate them more than Falcon fans. At least falcons fans have a reason to hate us."

Hating Saints fan #2

"My renewed hatred of the Vikings fan base is the most surprising part of the fallout from all this. I had no idea they were all still hanging on to that game."

Hating Saints fan #3

"Is the Viking fan base extra salty because they’ve had multiple super bowl caliber teams that always f----- up at the end of the season? Cause I’m starting to understand your pain."

Hating Saints fan #4

"Stop caring about Viking fans. Their franchise is one of constant failure with no super bowl to show for it. They live in Minnesota, so it’s always cold and dark. They don’t know happiness and probably never will. I feel bad for them because yes we lost a heartbreaker, but they still gotta pay Kirk Cousins 60 million dollars."

Hate Saints fan #5

"I mean if I were a Vikings fan I'd do nothing but play what-ifs my whole life cause that's about all they got lmaooo."

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Hating Saints fan #6

"I think I hate them (the fans) more than* the Falcons too.

"But there's a difference. I hate the Falcons, and by extension their fans. I don't hate the Vikings, I just hate their inbred dumba-- fans.

"They're racists, they're toxic, they're illogical, they're salty as f---, and they make everything about them even though they're not involved. They stick their head in everywhere for attention because they hate themselves and their unsuccessful choke team.

"The Vikings fanbase on reddit is truly a despicable cesspit of garbage humans.

"They're such sad pathetic individuals that they're still in here downvote brigading. I can't imagine what it's like to be them existing on a day to day basis."

Hating Saints fan #7

"Minnesota has literally nothing but the Vikings. The Wild constantly sucks, and they live in a boring a-- state. They are constantly excreting salt and toxicity."

Hating Saints fan #8

"They are factually the worst goddamn people on the planet."

Hating Saints fan #9

"I know and am friends with several bears and lions fans and we joke about eachothers teams and the division and whatnot but every Vikings fans I’ve had the displeasure of meeting have all been total a--holes to me once they learn I’m a packers fan. I’m convinced they love hating other teams more than they like rooting for their own team."

Hating Saints fan #10

"Vikings fans just seek attention because no one gives a s--- about their team, and they have no hope or success to cling to. Entirely the reason why they've devolved into mouldy pond scum."

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