Vikings offer free tickets to fan whose car was destroyed at Jets game

Gina Smith's rental was burned in a freak accident last week.
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It's been a crappy week for Gina Smith, but the Minnesota Vikings made sure it ended on a high note.

The Vikings fan was celebrating her birthday in New York last weekend with a trip to the Vikings-Jets game in New Jersey, when a freak accident destroyed her rental car.

The fire is believed to have started when Jets tailgaters in the parking lot dumped out hot coals from their grill, which another fan then parked their vehicle over.

The coals sparked a fire in this vehicle that then spread to four more, including Smith's.

An already crappy situation was made worse by Smith finding little help from the MetLife Stadium or the Jets.

Fortunately, the Vikings are an all-round classier organization.

"Finished the work week feeling absolutely drained. So it really brightened my day to see an email from the offering a pair of tickets to the Packers game as a small way to help lessen the shock from the fire," she tweeted on Friday.

"They are such a GREAT organization. Thank you so much!!"

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