Vikings QB Kirk Cousins has a funny problem with the Minnesota high school he lives near

Cousins is irked by the football helmet in the Rosemount school district.
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Kirk Cousins has finally settled into a new home that he bought in the southern metro last week. 

"We're getting acclimated, we've really enjoyed that process," Cousins said on Thursday. "We were in a hotel for a few weeks and then we bought a home near here and moved in this past weekend."

But there's one big problem for the former Michigan State quarterback. 

"I found out that the school district we're in, I mean we're a few years away, but the school district we're in – the helmet of the high school looks just like the University of Michigan, so that might be an issue coming up here in the future."

Cousins is referring to Rosemount High School, the home of the Irish who just so happen to have a helmet that's nearly identical to Cousins' college rival, the Michigan Wolverines. 

Jeff Erdmann, the longtime head coach at Rosemount, tweeted that he's looking forward to working with Cousins' son, Cooper, who as a toddler still has some time before he puts on the Michigan-esque helmet. 

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"Hopefully I play well long enough and we stay long enough that I have that dilemma in the future, we'll see," said Cousins. 

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