Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins has a new podcast

Episode one is pretty entertaining.
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If you want something done right you have to do it yourself, and that seems to be the approach Kirk Cousins has taken with every part of his life. 

The Vikings quarterback picked the team he wanted to play for, got the first fully guaranteed contract for a quarterback in NFL history, and now he's speaking for himself with the debut of his podcast, "The Officialize Experience Featuring Kirk Cousins." 

Cousins is the feature every week, but his buddy Kyle Schonewill pretty much leads the direction of the show by interviewing him. 

The first episode was pretty much Cousins recapping what happened in Green Bay and then buzzing through a fun segment they call "lightning round," of which here are some of his answers. 

Favorite U.S. city to visit: Naples, Florida.

Last song downloaded: "Connection" by One Republic.

Travel back in time to any period: "1920s .... I liked Calvin Coolidge's political approach." 

What's for dinner? "If we're lucky, it'll be Pizza Ranch."

Star Wars or Lord of the Rings? "It's like trying to pick between your kids." 

Dream car: "I like to keep it American-made so I'm going to go Ford GT." 

Ever slapped someone in the face? No, but he "five-starred" people in high school which is slapping someone on their bare back. 

Rank pizza, burgers, tacos: Burgers, pizza, tacos. 

Dark or milk chocolate: "Milk chocolate, all day." 

Is a hot dog a sandwich? "No." 

One word for Disneyland: "Joy" or "dreams." 

Favorite Pixar movie: "I love the ones that also get me emotional .... Toy Story." 

Best nickname on the team: "Tom Compton is nicknamed Raptor because he drives a Ford Raptor." 

Favorite summer activity: "Play golf and then in second place would be sit on the beach and read a book." 

Favorite team growing up: 1990s Chicago Bulls with Michael Jordan.

Favorite holiday: Christmas.

Name one of the Seven Dwarfs: Sleepy. 

Cousins also talked about his incredible touchdown pass to Adam Thielen late in the fourth quarter. 

"Probably not a recommended throw. The safety was probably a little too far over to try to fit that in," he said. 

Well, it worked and it has unnamed coaches in the NFL telling Bleacher Report things like this: "You see what happens when you put him in a real organization with all-around good players. He could tear our league apart."

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