Vikings should rack up wins over the next 6 weeks

They better rack up wins over the next 6 weeks because Weeks 9 and 10 are nasty.
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Danielle Hunter

No matter how disappointing Sunday's loss to the Packers was, the Vikings should start to pile up wins over the next month and a half. 

The schedule features one very tough game against the Bears at Soldier Field in Week 4, but the other five games in the six-week stretch don't look very daunting. I predict the Vikings win five of the next six and enter Week 9 with a 6-2 record. 

Sept. 21 - Oakland Raiders

Oakland flashed some skills early in Sunday's 28-10 loss to the Chiefs, but the Raiders shouldn't have much of a chance against the Vikings at U.S. Bank Stadium. This will be Oakland's first road game and if Kansas City's less-than-quality defense was able to limit them to 10 points, then a Vikings defense that shutout the Packers the final three quarters of Sunday's game should dominate from start to finish. 

Prediction: Win

Sept. 28 - Chicago Bears

Minnesota always struggles at Soldier Field and this 3:25 p.m. kickoff will probably be the same, especially if Kirk Cousins is as accurate then as he has been through two games. The good news is that the Vikings' defense should be able to contain an offense that has generated a whopping 19 points through two games. 

Prediction: Loss

Oct. 6 - New York Giants

Unless Saquon Barkley can singlehandedly beat an NFL team, the Giants have no chance. Eli Manning has a history of throwing interceptions against the Vikings, and then there's the whole Giants defense completely stinks aspect of the game. If Cousins hasn't had a big game by now, then he certainly will against a Giants defense that has made Dak Prescott and Josh Allen look like MVP candidates. 

Prediction: Win

Oct. 13 - Philadelphia Eagles

This one is at U.S. Bank Stadium, which automatically gives Minnesota the edge. Philly was supposed to be a Super Bowl favorite in the NFC, but through two weeks they've barely beaten a bad Washington team and lost to the Falcons, who the Vikings tore apart. Plus, if Carson Wentz was made to look like an interception machine against Atlanta, he'll probably look worse with a Skol chant ringing in his ears. 

Prediction: Win

Oct. 20 - Detroit Lions

The Lions are pesky as always and actually pulled off a solid home upset against the Chargers on Sunday. This game will be at Ford Field, so expect a good battle between NFC North foes, so long as the Lions' offensive line doesn't let the Vikings sack Stafford the way they did 13 time last year. 

Prediction: Win

Oct. 24 - Washington Redskins

Case Keenum and Adrian Peterson return to Minnesota for this Thursday night beauty, which we all know is going to end up being a Vikings victory. Think about it this way: Minnesota's strong run defense will face a team whose leading rusher had 18 yards in Week 1 (Derrius Guice) and 25 yards in Week 2 (Peterson). Easy win for the Purple unless Keenum has another miracle in him. 

Prediction: Win

Those six games set the stage for the Vikings to play back-to-back road games against the Chiefs and Cowboys, which could both easily be losses for Minnesota.

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