Watch: Brian Dozier had a GREAT time at the Nationals' victory parade

The former Twins second baseman had one plate appearance during the World Series.
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Everyone knows Brian Dozier can party like a rockstar. Look no further than his shirtless locker-room twerking session after the Washington Nationals clinched a playoff spot in late September. 

The Nationals went on to win the World Series, and it culminated with Dozier front and center in full YOLO mode during Saturday's championship parade. 

Reporter: "Doz, from 1 to a million, how are you feeling?"

Dozier: "A million-and-one, baby!"

The former Twins All-Star had just one plate appearance in the entire seven-game series, but that doesn't matter: Karaoke is for everyone.

But what is showing off your pipes without having a massive audience in front of you? So, Dozier went next level by belting out "Calma" in front of everyone in attendance, ripping off his shirt and announcing "My wife is going to kill me." 

Watching Dozier drown away every single one of those losses (543 of them) in a Twins uniform has to be bittersweet for Minnesota fans as they would probably celebrate in the same fashion if the Twins had won the World Series. Regardless, it's great to see the former Twin enjoying himself before hitting free agency this winter.

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