Watch: Fargo-Moorhead baseball player goes crazy on an umpire

That's a new way to tell the umpire that you think he's trash.
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Tempers flared during an Independent League baseball game involving the Fargo-Moorhead Redhawks on Monday night. 

Brennan Metzger, a former 22nd-round draft pick by the San Francisco Giants, didn't like the umpire's called third strike against him in the seventh inning, and he lost his noodles for a solid two minutes. 

"That's horses---. He's been f------ awful all night," Metzger screams, which is clear as day on video. "I've been f------ watching you out here all night. You're dog s---."

The audio then cuts out after another F-bomb, at which point the announcer describes Metzger as a "passionate" ballplayer. 

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Metzger then runs to the dugout and brings a half-full garbage can onto the field and sets it down behind home plate, then stares down the ump, points at the garbage and says "go to your home!"

The video has more than 265,000 views on Twitter alone. 

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