Watch: Kirk Cousins' new ad for Skittles is ... something

The Vikings QB recreated his touchdown dance.
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So, we're really not sure what to say about this.

Celebrating the fact his team is entering a bye week fresh off a 24-9 win over the Detroit Lions, Kirk Cousins has posted a short Twitter video ad for Skittles.

It's ... well it's something, as Cousins recreates the bizarre, arm-waving touchdown dance he displayed after running in for 6 against the Arizona Cardinals last month.

Against the backdrop of four wacky waving inflatable tube men, Cousins places down a (rather large) box of Skittles and then dances away.

Below is the moment Cousins introduce his arm-flailing celebration, which sparked a dance craze that has been replicated in zero cities anywhere.

Still, the Vikings are 5-3-1 and Cousins has for the most part looked like a good investment at least as a quarterback, if not a dancer.

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