Watch: Larry Fitzgerald's touching tribute at John McCain's memorial

The Richfield native was close friends with the late senator.
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Larry Fitzgerald paid a funny, touching tribute to his friend John McCain at the politician and war hero's memorial on Thursday.

Fitzgerald, a native of Richfield who is arguably the greatest NFL player to ever come out of Minnesota, struck up an unlikely friendship with the Arizona senator after meeting him as a rookie with the Arizona Cardinals.

His speech at the memorial had the audience laughing as Fitzgerald explained how the two came to be friends.

"Many people might wonder what a young African American kid from Minnesota and a highly decorated Vietnam war hero turned US senator might have in common, well I thought of a few."

"I'm black; he was white.

I'm young; he wasn't so young.

He lived with physical limitations brought on by war; I'm a professional athlete.

He ran for president; I run out bounds.

He was the epitome of toughness; and I do everything I can to avoid contact.

I have flowing locks; and well, he didn't.

How does this unlikely pair become friends?"

He then explained: "That's just who he is."

"He didn't judge people on the color of their skin, their gender, their backgrounds, their political affiliations, or their bank accounts, he evaluated them by the merits of their character and the content of their hearts," he continued.

"He cared about the substance of my heart more so than where I came from. While some may find our friendship out of the ordinary, it was a perfect example of what made him an iconic figure of American politics and service to fellow man.

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"Yes, ours was an unlikely friendship, but it's one that I will always cherish."

Senator McCain, a Republican who ran for president in 2008, died this past Saturday from a glioblastoma brain tumor.

"Senator McCain, it has been a true honor to call you friend," Fitzgerald said.

You can watch the full speech here, courtesy of CBS News.

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