Watch: Odell Beckham Jr. moons Randy Moss before Monday Night Football

The star receiver paid homage to the Vikings legend.
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A cheeky moment before Monday Night Football saw New York Giants star Odell Beckham Jr. pay tribute to Minnesota Vikings legend Randy Moss.

The receiver was warming up for the game against the Falcons when he ran up to Moss, who was on presenting duties for ESPN, and pretended to drop-trou in front of him.

Moss reacted with a big laugh as Beckham Jr. ran away.

Beckham Jr.'s action of course mimicked Moss' infamous celebration at Lambeau Field in 2004, when he pretended to moon the Packers crowd after pulling in a touchdown pass.

It famously prompted an apoplectic response from FOX commentator and Packers apologist Joe Buck, who declared: "That is a disgusting act."

Since it was ESPN presenting Monday Night Football, we didn't get to hear Joe Buck's reaction this time – we believe he was busy attending his weekly meeting of the Aaron Rodgers Fanclub.

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