Watch: Sergio Romo's half-naked jog leads best of Twins celebrations

Sergio Romo is the best!
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With hundreds of bottles of champagne and beer at their disposal, the Twins went crazy Wednesday night when they clinched the AL Central title around 10:30 p.m. Central Time. 

Corks popped, champagne sprayed, and beer flowed. Players were soaked in alcohol, although Sergio Romo highlighted the party by stripping off his drenched shirt, getting barefoot and running across the outfield grass in Detroit. 

"I would say I'm a little odd, a little different. I guess quirky would be a good word. Um, yeah. I appreciate you all for accepting that," Romo told FOX Sports North's Audra Martin before he stripped and ran. 

Romo added: "Plus, this team's really good. Go figure I weaseled my way on to another good team. This team is reaching for the stars, and I said this when I first got here. I'm not very tall but I'll reach too."

It's tough to top Romo's display of happiness, but here are some of the best moments from the division championship celebration. 

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