Watch: Vikings' Eric Kendricks slams beer, celebrates at LA Kings game

Kenricks played at UCLA in college, thus his connection to L.A.
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There's just something about watching professional athletes chug beer that makes us feel more connected them. It's something anyone can do, although some certainly do it better than others. 

For example, Vikings linebacker Eric Kendricks isn't a Pro Bowl-caliber beer chugger, but he's a heck of a lot better than Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Kendricks got the opportunity to slam a full beer in front of thousands of hockey fans at Wednesday night's Los Angeles Kings game. 

You be the judge of his performance

The game tape reveals the following about Kendricks: 

  • Lacks focus early in chug.
  • Spillage issues. 
  • Questionable neck dexterity as he didn't showcase ability to tip it back. 
  • Excellent endurance, flashed ability to finish a full brew without stopping. 
  • Good closing speed to make up for slow start. 
  • No burp indicates that it wasn't his first rodeo.  
  • Celebration was organic and natural. Big plus. 

Overall, Kendricks projects as a late first-round pick in any future Beerfest, although he could rise up draft beer boards considering he was drinking an amber-colored lager, which is a stiffer competition than a simple yellow lager. 

Rodgers failed to finish a half-beer at a Milwaukee Bucks game last year, being out-drank by his teammate, offensive lineman David Bahktiari, who hammered home a couple of small lagers at the same game.

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