We need to get real with all the Stefon Diggs speculation

Some of the stuff out there lacks logic on a number of levels.
Stefon Diggs

Stefon Diggs is one of the most dynamic wide receivers in the NFL. He plays for the Vikings with his best friend Adam Thielen, is in the first year of a five-year, $72 million contract, and the Vikings have next to nothing in terms of wide receiver depth. 

So if you happen to stumble on a tweet from a former ESPN producer who claims the Vikings and Patriots are discussing a potential Diggs deal, you should immediately file it in your "HELL NO" folder, because there is zero sense behind it. 

That tweet has led to people checking who Diggs follows on social media, and when those deep divers find out that Diggs follows Patriots players – Tom Brady, James White and Julian Edelman – they start to connect dots that don't exist. 

Guess what? Diggs has been following Brady for a long time, just like 688,000 other people are on Twitter. 

Le'Veon Bell tweeted at JuJu Smith-Schuster before Pittsburgh played the Bengals on Monday night, but that doesn't mean Bell wants to leave the Jets and the bags of cash that come with a new contract to go back to the Steelers. 

The same logic needs to be applied to Diggs, so do yourself a favor and don't Twitter search "Stefon Diggs Patriots." Go for it, if you want to get dumber. But that's on you. 

Does Diggs tweet a lot of things that nobody understands? Yes. But all of these don't mean he's unhappy in Minnesota. The emoji without a mouth that he tweeted Monday? That emoji can mean anything from being a loss for words or a feeling of disappointment. Maybe he's at a loss for words because so many stupid rumors are flying around. 

There are a ton of people who think Diggs is upset. That's fine, but a lack of targets and receptions through four games doesn't mean the 25-year-old rising star is looking for a way out of Minnesota.

He might want Kirk Cousins to start finding him when he's wide open, as pointed out by ESPN's Courtney Cronin, but he's one of the best players on a team that really – and I mean REALLY – needs him. 

Thielen and Diggs have a supporting cast that includes a rookie, Bisi Johnson, and a guy who was cut (Laquon Treawell) only to be resigned after an injury to Chad Beebe. They don't have any other receivers who aren't on the practice squad. 

Minnesota needs Diggs more than anything right now, so don't let the stupid speculation lead you down a path that makes zero sense. 

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