Western Wisconsin man bet everything he could afford to lose on Tiger Woods and won $1.2 million

James Adducci said he bet everything he could afford to lose.
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A western Wisconsin man risked everything he could afford to lose and wound up winning more than a million dollars on a bet that Tiger Woods would win The Masters. 

James Adducci's $85,000 bet on Woods cashed out $1.275 million thanks to 14-to-1 odds, but the story why he even decided to place such a massive amount of money on a sports bet for the first time in his life makes it sound like he went into the future the same way Marty McFly did in "Back To The Future 2" and found a sports almanac.

“It wasn’t about the odds for me,” Adducci said on Vegas-based show, “My Guys in the Desert.” “My reasons for thinking that he was going to win were more personal, about where he is at in his career and his life.”

That's quite the hunch. Woods rallied on Sunday and won his fifth career green jacket and first major championship since 2008, finishing 13-under-par for a one-shot victory. 

It's not clear what kind of annual income Adducci earns as a self-employed day trader, but he's told multiple media outlets that he got the $85,000 by selling some Amazon stock and using money from a "business account comprised of some failed stock money," according to Golfworld

As of last Christmas, Adducci said he was about $25,000 in debt, so his winnings are more than enough to pay it all down and then reward himself in other ways. 

“I’m a responsible guy,” he said, via the New York Post. “My background is finance. I’m going to invest most of it. And we’re going to grow it.”

Where Adducci lives in Wisconsin hasn't been publicized, with reports only noting that it's somewhere in the western part of the state. That, by the way, increases the odds that he's a Vikings fan instead of a Packers fan, but we're not about to place any bets on that just yet. 

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