When is the last time all of Minnesota's professional men's teams missed the playoffs the same year?

The Wild is our last hope for the 2018-19 sports season.
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Twins fans, TC Bear

While Minnesota's professional women's teams routinely impress with championships (Lynx, Whitecaps), the men's teams have a knack for disappointing fans on a monumental scale. 

Earlier today we wrote a story about the Wild's fading playoff hopes, and it got us thinking: When is the last time all of Minnesota's professional men's teams missed the playoffs in the same year?

For starters, "year" isn't exactly a year since the NBA and NHL overlap the new year, but if you take the 2018 Twins, Vikings, United FC and 2018-19 Wild and Timberwolves, you can start to track them in a combined sports year. 

So how's 2018-19 going for our guys?

  • Twins - missed the playoffs
  • Vikings - missed the playoffs
  • United - missed the playoffs (their first year in the MLS)
  • Wolves - have been eliminated from playoff contention
  • Wild - on the brink of being eliminated from playoff contention

It's not going very well, and the Wild is Minnesota's last hope in what could go down as another playoff-less year for men's pro sports. 

You needn't look far to find the last time all of Minnesota's men's teams let fans down. 

In 2011-12, it was ugly. 

The Twins lost 99 games and Michael Cuddyer led the team with just 20 homers, the Vikings went 3-13 and fired head coach Leslie Frazier, the Wolves went 26-40 in a lockout-shortened season that featured former GM David Kahn taking future bust Derrick Williams with the No. 2 pick in the NBA Draft, and the Wild went 35-36-11 and scored the fewest goals in the NHL (177). 

The Twins, Vikings, Wild and Wolves all missed the playoffs in 2005-06, and that's the only other time it's happened since the Wild debuted in 2000. 

Fortunately, the new sports calendar begins Thursday with the Twins bringing renewed hope. 

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