While in Minnesota, Vice President Mike Pence makes UMD Bulldogs hockey gaffe

No. The UMD Bulldogs are not a high school team.
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Vice President Mike Pence clearly knows zero about hockey. 

Pence was in Duluth Wednesday and while speaking he began reading from a list of accomplishments that he thinks makes Duluth really neat. But Pence, from Indiana, not the State of Hockey, called out the University of Minnesota-Duluth Bulldogs as the "national high school hockey champions." 

Clint Austin of the Duluth News Tribune tweeted the special moment for all to see. 

Mr. Pence, the UMD Bulldogs play college hockey, and they won the 2017-18 men's national championship after stealing the final spot in the 16-team tournament from the Golden Gophers, also a college team. 

To his credit, Pence accurately described the Hermantown Hawks as a championship high school team and the U.S. men's curling team as gold medal-winners from the Pyeongchang Olympics. 

Our favorite part of the video is the guy standing behind Pence, who clearly looks around to see if anyone else noticed the mistake.

pence guy

Pence was in town to lend his support for 8th Congressional District GOP candidate Pete Stauber, attending a fundraiser before speaking before long-running local business, Industrial Weldors & Machinists.

While in Duluth, the News Tribune reports Pence promised an expansion of copper-nickel mining on the Iron Range.

Note: A previous version of this story said that Indiana doesn't have high school hockey. It does. We were wrong and the story has been corrected. 

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